Of the five senses, the sense of touch is the one most overlooked. We seldom realize how much of an impact it makes upon us as we maneuver our way through life.  A tender touch can express the depths of love, while a slap conveys sharp contempt.  A simple hug can wash away feelings of loneliness and despair.  A firm hand on the arm offers strength and stability.  Through touch we find acceptance or rejection.  We find hope or despair.  We find love or we find hatred.

Untold numbers of individuals experienced the literal touch of God during the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Blinded eyes were opened, deafened ears were unstopped, and leprous men were made whole.  How powerful and magnificent is the touch of God!

But what if the touch of God does not bring healing?  What if the touch of God has a different effect altogether?  Do we still long for it?  Will we still accept it?

This is the story of one man who found that Godís touch is not always gentle, but it is always good.  It is the testimony of an ordinary man who discovered that sometimes the touch of God hurts!